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Women Cryptologists Crack the Code on New Forever Stamps

With this stamp, the U.S. Postal Service honors the women cryptologists of World War II, whose work played a significant role in the Allied victory. The first-day-of-issue event for the stamps is free and open to the public. News of the stamps is being shared with the hashtag #WomenCryptologistStamp. Click here to learn more about this new stamp.

October American Philatelist Now Available

The latest issue of The American Philatelist is now available to read online here for APS members.The American Philatelist is the oldest continuously published philatelic journal in the world, the first issue having appeared in January 1887. All of our articles are written by our members and feature colorful illustrations. The magazine is available in print and in digital formats for maximum flexibilty and access.

The United States Fourth Bureau Issue 1922‑1938

The book presents the fascinating story of the regular postage stamp issue called the Fourth Bureau Issue. Introduced under the new postal administration of President Warren G. Harding and continuing through the administrations of Coolidge and Hoover and into the Roosevelt Administration, the Issue saw the introduction and development of several production innovations at the government printing plant, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP), resulting in refining and increasing production. Click here to learn more and add this book to your philatelic library!

New U.S. Issues – A First Lady and Two Musical Styles Grace New July Stamps – Part 1

Two iconic Americans known for their points of view from opposite ends of the political spectrum and a popular musical style imported from another country make an intriguing group of new U.S. stamps in July. First Lady Nancy Reagan, known for her conservative views echoing those of her husband, President Ronald Reagan, was honored with a new stamp. Click here to learn more

New U.S. Issues – A First Lady and Two Musical Styles Grace New July Stamps – Part 2

The U.S. Postal Service on July 15 celebrated the sounds of traditional music from Mexico with a first-day-of-issue ceremony to dedicate a set of five Mariachi Forever stamps at the 30th annual Mariachi Spectacular de Albuquerque in New Mexico. Monica Trujillo, artistic director for the festival, said it was an honor to hold the first day ceremony. Click here to learn more.

Special Price Reduction and Author Special in Publication Shop

„The Art of Stamps” has a new Author Special, now through October 15th APS Members can save 20% – instead of $22.45 – pay only $17.96 for this book that features a panoramic view of stamp collecting as an art form, hobby and investment commodity, as well as interspersing poignant stories from his extensive travels and pieces from Georges collection. Three other books have a price reduction and are only $5 each, click here to take advantage of these amazing deals!

The Philatelic Files – Episode 1: The Cover to Hungary

Philatelic Files is a new series focused on We asked the good folks at R.G. Stamps & Covers if they had any interesting stories about any stamps or covers they had collected over the years and they had quite a story to tell us about one specific cover that made its way to Hungary.

Watch the full video here.

My Stamp Story – The Steele Box Collection

Mark Forder’s stamp collecting journey started at the exact same time he acquired the Steele box over 25 years ago. His grandfather had a collection stamps that Mark would look at every so often when he was young. Getting into the stamp and ephemera collecting journey occurred when the Steele box first appeared. Click here to see the story behind this amazing find.

New World Issues – September 2022

New world issues for this month include designs featuring a photo of two canoes from Brazil, a series focused on indigenous people from Canada, diplomatic relations between Estonia and the United States, the anniversary of the Culture Vannin foundation from the Isle of Man, scuba diving from Israel, Toy Story from Japan, Anniversary of animal husbandry from Luxembourg and more! Click here to see the new issues.

My Stamp Story – The Stamp That Lit a Fire

Mariia Krystopchuk is a Lviv, Ukraine-based illustrator, and can be found on Instagram @septemberelle. A.M. LaVey is the New York-based librarian for visual culture at The Ukrainian Museum and the Ukrainian indexer for the American Philatelic Research Library. Click here to learn more about Mariia’s stamp collecting story.

Postal Service Issues New Christmas Stamp

The U.S. Postal Service issued the “Virgin and Child” Christmas Forever stamp today during a dedication ceremony at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. “I am honored to represent the Postal Service as we dedicate a Christmas stamp that features one of the most revered images in the world — the Virgin Mary holding her infant child, Jesus,” said U.S. Postal Service Organization Development Vice President Jenny Utterback, who served as the dedicating official. Click here to learn more about these new stamps.

Circuit Sales Clearance Special – Updated List

Request a Clearance Circuit from the list below and there will be no postage or 5 % buyers fee charged on any purchase.This special is valid for the purchase of a whole book only, not single item purchases from sales books.

British General, Australia, British Africa, South America (mixed), Brazil, Global, Europe (mixed), Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Belgium and Scandinavia (mixed)

Questions? Call Carol Hoffman at (814) 933-3803 ext. 270 or email

To learn more about selling through circuit sales, click here.

From Pirates to Philately – The Adventures of Collecting Sarawak

Stamp collecting is an adventure and like any adventure it is fun. This collecting story is based on historic family data that developed a passing interest in Sarawak stamps into a journey of discovery and exciting accounts of the era in the region before and then after the first stamps were issued. Sarawak, now part of Malaysia, is on the western half of Borneo, the third largest island in the world. Click here to learn more.

Worldwide in a Nutshell: Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island – 800 miles east of Australia – was likely inhabited by Polynesians around what today is known as Emily Bay in the 14th and 15th centuries. Inhabitants spent several generations on the island before abandoning it for unknown reasons, according to historians. Click here to learn more about some of the postal history of the island.

Membership Special – Last Week to Save!

Membership in the APS comes with benefits designed to help you better enjoy the hobby. These include a subscription to our monthly magazine, The American Philatelist, buying and selling opportunities, access to the American Philatelic Research Library, discounts on services and more. Join the APS today for 15 months for the price of 12. No coupon is necessary to take advantage of this special!

Stanley Gibbons Great Britain Concise Stamp Catalog

In this review, Gary Loew examines the Stanley Gibbons Great Britain Concise Stamp Catalogue to assist you in your selection. Also in this issue, he reviews the 2022 edition of the SG publication Collect British Stamps, which has a rather different purpose. Click here to learn more about this catalog and publication and see which one better fits your collecting interests.

Philatelic Happenings: Topical Collecting Loses a Champion

The latest philatelic news includes the Minnesota Stamp Expo, as well as an update from the Sequoia Stamp Club, which is hosting a celebration of its 75th birthday on September 17 at the Community Activities Building in Redwood City, California, the same location where their PENPEX Stamp Show and club meetings are held. Click here to learn more.

Stamp of the Week!

The stamp of this week is France Scott 440. The stamp was issued in 1942 and was in use for two years. It is one of 13 stamps called the Marshal Pétain series. The set is named after Marshal Philippe Pétain, who appears on all the stamp designs, and was in use from 1941 to 1944. The genuine has horizontal shading lines in the ear and the lettering at the bottom is clear. Perf is 14×13.5. In the French underground forgery, there are no shading lines, but some solid patches. The lettering at the bottom isn’t clear. Perforations of forgeries are 11.5 or imperforate while the genuine stamp is comb14 x 13½. Visit the Forged or Genuine page to see if you can tell the difference, and visit the StampStore to add the stamp to your collection

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