FEPA Newsletter – 18 April 2022

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Photo: Jiří Kraus, OC President, and Bernard Jimenez, FIP Vice-President, signing the FIP Agreement
[photo credit: Liberec 2022 OC]

LIBEREC 2022 latest Newsletter: Preparations are under way

We received the latest Newsletter from LIBEREC 2022 Organising Committee with a lot of details in:

  • Applications for participation
  • The FEPA Congress 2022
  • Availability of rooms for lectures and seminars
  • Accommodation for visitors, commissioners and jurors
  • Signing the FIP Agreement
  • The Collectors’ Sales Expo

You can read the Newsletter here.

[photo credit: Messe-Ulm]

Ulm becomes the location of the former Sindelfingen Stamp Fair

The 37th International Stamp Fair in 2019 at the Sindelfingen Exhibition Centre was the last. Two years of the pandemic and the subsequent change of ownership of the Exhibition Hall has forced the organisers to seek another location. The new venue was announced a few days ago: the exhibition hall in Ulm (Messe-Ulm), on the Danube between Stuttgart and Munich. The dates are from 27 to 29 October (as usual Thursday to Saturday).

Klaus Weis, President of the Deutsche Altbriefsammler Verein (DASV), pointed out that the postal history exhibition “Postgeschichte live” will also take place as it used too. He added: The DASV will be even more involved in “Postgeschichte live” in the future than it has been in previous years. We are happy to take over the responsibilities and the implementation of the upcoming extended tasks because it is a matter of renovating our “living room”, so to speak, to sharpen the high standard of the event and, at best, to optimize it.

Photo: Jean-François Brun during his presentation
[photo credit: Louis Fanchini]

Joint session of the French and the Belgian Philatelic Academies

On Saturday 9 April, in Hotel Amigo, Brussels, members of Académie royale de philatélie de Belgique and Académie de philatélie (Paris) met for a joint session.

Keynote speakers:

  • Jean-François Brun, “La troisième dimension”
  • Dominique Hardy, “Les cachets des départ(ts) français en Belgique et aux alentours”
  • Charles Bruart, “La coopération franco-belge pour faciliter la transmission du courrier pendant les trois premiers mois de la Deuxième Guerre mondiale”
  • Robert Abensur, “Un ambassadeur des Pays-Bas espagnols à Paris”
  • Daniel Goffin, “1870, les ballons montés de la France vers la Belgique”
  • Dominique Sollin, “Le Sénat belge en France”
  • Yves Vertommen, “Médaillons sur lettres vers la France”
  • Laurent Bonnefoy, “Le contrôle douanier dans les relations franco-belges”
  • Jean-Bernard Parenti, “Un passeport belge pour apatrides”

FEPA Awards 2021 – Deadline for nomination is approaching!

Member federations are reminded to submit nominations for the FEPA Medals  as well as for the Certificates of Appreciation. They should reach Vice President Giancarlo Morolli at latest by 23 April 2022.

For 2022, the FEPA medal 2021 for exceptional service and the FEPA medal 2021 for exceptional support will be delivered according to the same procedure of the past years.

The FEPA medal 2021 for exceptional study and research will be delivered on the basis of evidence shown in publications presented in years 2020 and 2021. This is an important showcase as it enables the authors to get European visibility for the books, as they are reviewed in our magazine and presented on the website. Due to the breadth of subjects and related competences required to assess the research, the Board will appoint a panel of experts for advice. For the first time, in addition to the paper copy, a pdf file is requested in consideration of difficulties in enabling all concerned to see the printed version due to the pandemic. As a matter of fact, lacking this possibility, in 2021 the evaluation was delayed, books from the RPSL library were used and experts called in to support the Board that could not convene as in the past.

The Certificate of appreciation 2021 is a simple, effective way to reward a society (not a member federation) for outstanding activities and for its services to the local community. When receiving the award, the recipients always show joy and enthusiasm, also in view of announcing such acknowledgement to their own local community and becoming more visible, hence attracting more attention and support and, hopefully, new members.

ALPEN-ADRIA PHILATELIE 2022 and BIRDPEX 9 in Gmunden, Austria

The ALPEN-ADRIA PHILATELIE 2022 Multinational Exhibition will be held in Kongresshaus Toscana, Gmunden, Austria, from 26 to 28 August. All philatelic classes will be represented. Seven countries will participate with National Commissioners: Germany, Italy, Croatia, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia and Hungary. However, the exhibition is open to all philatelists of the FEPA member countries. This year the ALPEN-ADRIA PHILATELIE will celebrate its 25th anniversary.

BIRDPEX 9 will also take place simultaneously, an exhibition with “Birds” its central theme. A BIRDPEX exhibition is organised every four years in a different country since 1998, when it was first held in New Zealand (1990). BIRDPEX 8 took place in Luxembourg (2018).

Both ALPEN-ADRIA PHILATELIE and BIRDPEX are part of the “phila”-Toscana 22. Details on the exhibition website.

[photo credit: Motivgruppe Musik]

Vote for your favourite music stamp of 2021

We read on the BDPh website that the Motivgruppe Musik eV (International Philatelic Music Study Group) invites stamp collectors from all over the world to vote for the most beautiful stamp of 2021 related to music. The members of the Motivgruppe Musik have selected 66 candidate stamps from around 380 issues on the subject of music. The vote runs until 31 July 2022.

The designer of the most beautiful music stamp 2021 will be awarded the Yehudi-Menuhin-Trophy 2022 by Motivgruppe Musik.
Among all participants a philatelic gift will be raffled.

[photo credit: Swiss Post]

HELVETIA 2022 second miniature sheet to be released

On 5th May, the Swiss Post will release a second miniature sheet to promote HELVETIA 2022 World Stamp Exhibition, with central theme the Seated Helvetia, who is honoured on her 160th anniversary.

The designer added perforation to one vertical side of the m/s, a reminder to the philatelists that in 1862 the seated Helvetia was the first perforated stamp of Switzerland.

HELVETIA 2022 will take place in Lugano from 18 to 22 May.

INDONESIA 2022 revised IREX and applications now online

If you visit INDONESIA 2022 website today you will find the most critical information: The National Commissioners page, the newly revised IREX (2 April), the application forms for participation and the deadlines to observe, among which:

  • 25 April 2022: Deadline for the Federations to appoint a new Commissioner and nominate Jurors.
  • 30 April 2022: Deadline for the National Commissioners to submit application forms for participation to the General Commissioner.

INDONESIA 2022 started as INDONESIA 2020, which was postponed due to the pandemic. It will be held in Jakarta, from 4 to 9 August.

The exhibition will also host the postponed 76th FIP Congress on 9 August.

[photo credit: BBC]

Postmaster for five months in Antarctica? A lifetime experience!

Right from BBC News on 5 April:

A British charity (the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust) is searching for people to spend five months in Antarctica, to run the world’s most remote post office. 

Candidates are required to have good level of physical fitness, environmental awareness and a knowledge of minimum impact living. They will be tasked with running the gift shop and post office, as well as conducting a penguin count as part of efforts to protect the Gentoo penguin colony. The team will also look after the artefacts and museum inside Bransfield House.

People wishing to apply for the role can do so on the UKAHT website, with the final deadline being 23:59 BST on Monday 25 April. Those successful will do a week’s training in Cambridge in October 2022, before leaving for Antarctica later in the year, where they will live and work until March 2023.

Read the full story here.

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