FEPA Newsletter – 12 December 2022

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EFIRO 2024 in Bucharest, Romania, under way

EFIRO 2024 European exhibition with 2000 frames, under FEPA patronage and FIP recognition, will take place between 17 and 20 April 2024. The exhibition was smartly placed on the 2024 calendar between the Catholic (31 March) and the Orthodox Easter (5 May).

The organisers announced an expo sales and a collectors fair, rarities from private collections and museums, various events and competitions for the youth, philatelic presentations and seminars. Visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity to admire the world’s largest private collection of Romanian philately, explore the Museum of Romanian Records, get acquainted with the Palace of the Parliament (Palatul Parlamentului), the second largest administrative building in the world, and of course stroll around the historical centre of Bucharest and enjoy traditional Romanian dishes.

These and much more will be uploaded shortly on the exhibition website:

Left: Patrick Maselis, RDP, FRPSL, Outgoing President of the Club de Monte-Carlo (2009-2022)
Middle: Claes Arnrup, FRPSL, Premier Vice-President of the Club de Monte-Carlo and Commissioner of MonacoPhil 2022
Right: Olivier Stocker, FRPSL, New President of the Club de Monte-Carlo (2023-)

[photo credit: Monacophil 2022]

New President elected at the Club de Monte-Carlo

During MonacoPhil 2022, the members of the Club de Monte-Carlo met for their bi-annual meeting and announced the election of their new President: Olivier Stocker was elected and will replace Patrick Maselis, who held this position from 2009 to 2022, as of 1st January 2023. All the Club members paid a warm tribute to Patrick Maselis for the outstanding work he has done during his fourteen years as President of the Club de Monte-Carlo.

Linn’s Most Influential Philatelists 2022 now online

Earlier this year, Linn’s Stamp News released the 116-page special publication Linn’s Stamp News Most Influential Philatelists and Their Epic Stamp Stories, which “recognizes 76 individuals who have had an impact on the hobby in the past couple of decades”, according to the editors. At that time, the special publication was available to non-subscribers only in its paper version, but now is freely available on line by Linn’s Stamp News here:

While copies last,  the paper version will be available here:

Earlier FEPA post: https://fepanews.com/2022-linns-most-influential-philatelists-list-revealed

Five new Edition d’Or volumes by the Global Philatelic Network

The Global Philatelic Network produced this year five additional volumes in the renowned Edition d’Or series. Vols. 61 & 63-65 were officially presented during MONACOPHIL 2022, in November, while Vol. 62 was presented during HELVETIA 2022, in May:

  • Vol. 65: British India – Queen Victoria Postal Stationery – The Sandeep Jaiswal Collection
  • Vol. 64: American Trans Atlantic Mail Carriers 1800–1870 – The Graham Booth Collection
  • Vol. 63: Great Britain – Line-Engraved Issues 1840–1870 – The Åke Rietz Collection
  • Vol. 62: Argentina – Corrientes 1856–1880 – The Pablo Reim Collection
  • Vol. 61: Holy Land – Turkish Post in Palestine 1851–1918 – The Itamar Karpovsky Collection

Details: https://corinphila.ch/en/edition-dor

PLEVEN PHILA 2022 by the Union of Bulgarian Philatelists in Pleven

The Union of Bulgarian Philatelists and The Bulgarian Post organised the national philatelic exhibition with international participation, PLEVEN PHILA 2022, from 9 to 11 December 2022. The event was held with the support of Pleven Municipality and the Regional History Museum, Pleven. Exhibits from Bulgaria, as well as from Italy, Romania, Turkey and Moldova were presented at the exhibition, on roughly 130 exhibition frames. The Bulgarian Post presented a prize for the best exhibit.

The official opening ceremony took place on 9 December, in the Regional History Museum, Pleven. It was attended by representatives of the Municipality of Pleven, the CEO of the Bulgarian Posts, Bogdan Teofanidis, and the Chairman of the Union of Bulgarian Philatelists, Spas Panchev.

The Royal Spanish Academy of Philately and Postal History

On Saturday 19 November, the Royal Spanish Academy of Philately and Postal History (Real Academia Hispánica de Filatelia e Historia Postal) held a major session at the National Mint Museum in Madrid. After the opening speech of Jesús Sitjà, President of the Academy, the following topics were covered:

  • Avisos de recibo en el siglo XIX, by José Manuel Rodríguez.
  • La sobretasa de Mirambel (Teruel), by Alejandro Abadía.
  • La emisión de indígenas de los Territorios Españoles del Golfo de Guinea de 1941, by Enrique Viruega.
  • Las cartas entre España y el Lombardo-Véneto a través del Reino de Cerdeña 1844-1857, by Angelo Teruzzi and Paolo Zavattoni.
  • Anotaciones manuscritas de reparto del Correo Central 1830-1860, by Alfredo Miguel Martínez.
  • La American Bank Note Company y El Salvador: 80 Años de Emisiones, by Guillermo Gallegos.
  • De Manila a Salamanca… contra viento y marea, by Eduardo Consejo.
  • ¡Ese sello es de dos reales! Cuando los archivos hablan, by José Antonio Herráiz.
  • Cartas de fraude y fuera de valija anteriores a la Real Renta de Correos, by Eugenio de Quesada.
  • Teoría sobre el alcance y significado de la francatura de la correspondencia en el siglo XVIII, by David González Corchado.
  • El gran e irrepetible “padre de la Filatelia” Doctor Thebussem, by José Ramón Moreno.

More details here: https://fesofi.es/noticias/gran-sesion-academica-de-la-r-a-h-f-e-hp/

Photo (FEPA Board in Liberec): Thomas Hoepfner (left), Giancarlo Morolli, Bill Hedley, Igor Pirc, Costas Chazapis and Lars Engelbrecht. Hans Schwarz was not present due to illness.

[photo credit: Peter Suhadolc]

Minutes of the FEPA Congress 2022 in Liberec

Following the FEPA Congress 2022 in Liberec, on 15th October, the minutes were sent to the Member Federations on 20th November.

They are available here: https://www.fepanews.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/Minutes-2022-Liberec-Congress.pdf

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