FEPA Newsletter – 9 January 2023

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FEPA News magazine January 2023 now online

FEPA released today the January 2023 issue of FEPA News magazine featuring:

  • News from FEPA
  • News from FEPA Members
  • FEPA Exhibiting
  • Exhibitions in the Second Half of 2022
  • Forthcoming Exhibitions
  • Developments in Philately
  • The World of Research
  • Events Calendar

You can read or download the 84-page FEPA News from here: 
http://www.fepanews.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/FN42.pdf (15MB)

Treasurers from the Smithsonian National Postal Museum

The Collectors Club, New York, had invited Elliot Gruber, Director of the Smithsonian National Postal Museum, to make a presentation on camera. On 4th January, the Museum Director showed a number of the most elusive and diverse items of the Museum treasures and talked about the ongoing digitisation programme and the future availability of the collections to the public. The presentation including the Q&A part is 1 hr, 5 min.

You can watch the video here:

FIP releases Flash magazine No. 134

The International Philatelic Federation (FIP) has uploaded on its website the latest issue of Flash, its biannual official house organ.

You can download the 36-page Flash No. 134 from here:
https://www.fepanews.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/FLASH-134-Dec.pdf (7.5 MB)

Photo: Richard West (left), John Davies

Richard West receives Special Award

Richard West MBE, FRPSL, has received a special award from Stamp Active in recognition of fifty years of service to youth philately. He first joined the Melville Memorial Committee in 1972 and he has given continuous service to the evolving National Youth Stamp Group and now the Stamp Active Network. His principal role has been as organiser and judge for the national youth stamp competitions and he is an International Youth Judge and a member of the FIP Youth Commission for GB. The award of a certificate and gift of a 180th Anniversary Wyon Medal was presented to Richard by John Davies, Immediate Past Chairman of Stamp Active, at a meeting of the Royal Philatelic Society London in December.

Susan Henderson, Chair of Stamp Active, said “There is no more deserving individual than Richard for this award. The Bill Hart award recognises outstanding service to youth philately in Great Britain. He has done a tremendous job in encouraging children to achieve high levels for a long time and we greatly appreciate all he has done.”

Memories of an old stamp dealer

Francesco Giuliani revisited the memories of Romolo Mezza, which had been written almost a century ago, edited them, produced a long introduction, and put everything together in a brand new book.

Romolo Mezzadri was born in Rome in 1861 and died in Livorno in 1956. He was a great collector, a dealer and a promoter of events. In his “Memories of an old stamp dealer”, which appeared in a series on the pages of the monthly Il Bollettino Filatelico from 1932 to 1933, and then altogether in a small volume, Mezzadri offered a fascinating and exciting picture of a long, epic period. In his “Memories” all subjects are addressed and all protagonists of the philatelic world of the last part of the nineteenth and the early twentieth centuries parade, from Pio Fabri to Carlo and Emilio Diena, “il papà”, as Mezzadri calls him.

Francesco Giuliani, an Italianist, is a Professor at the Department of Humanities at the University of Foggia. His interests focus in particular on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. He is a member of Accademia Italiana di Filatelia e Storia Postale and of Accademia delle Scienze di Bari.

The book was published by Accademia Italiana di Filatelia e Storia Postale and its pdf version is available free of charge on academia.edu

The story was brought to our attention on the 29th December by Vaccari News Twitter account (@Vaccarinews)

Pantelis Leoussis is awarded with the 2022 HPS Medal

​Pantelis Leoussis is the 2022 recipient of the Hellenic Philatelic Society Medal for “Significant services to Hellenic philately”.

Pantelis Leoussis, 84, composer and pianist by profession, fluent in French, Italian and (naturally) Greek, with the charisma to be conversant in more languages, is a renowned Thematic Philatelist internationally and the body and soul of Thematic Philately in Greece. A prolific author of countless articles and two books on the subject, editor of the Thematic Philatelist magazine, has served as national juror, has been President of the Thematic Club in Athens since 2003 and chaired the Hellenic Philatelic Federation between 2013-2021.

The HPS Medal is the most prestigious philatelic distinction in Greece. You can browse through the recipients’ list (1984-2022) here: https://hps.gr/index.php/en/the-hps-medal

Rhône Philatélie, the magazine of the French part of Switzerland

Rhône Philatélie, published by an association of eight philatelic societies of the Valais and Vaud cantons of the French speaking part of Switzerland, offers four issues per year. It is also sent to all the members of thirty philatelic societies in the French part of Switzerland. Presently, the magazine has 1.400 subscribers, mainly in Switzerland, but also many in France and Italy. Each year, it participates to national and regional philatelic exhibitions, sometimes also to exhibitions in France.

The content of each issue is based on a main topic, but it brings also a large number of other articles and chronicles on: Swiss Philately (both classic and modern), thematic philately, airmail stamps and letters, stationeries, postal history, a youth page, questions/answers, readers column, auctions comments, new books and catalogues presentations, “my preferred cover”, Mémento, small ads, etc.

Each issue of Rhône Philatélie (in full colour) brings interesting information to all the enthusiastic philatelists and collectors, whether experienced or beginners! The magazine was awarded with a Large Silver Medal at HELVETIA 2022 World Philatelic Exhibition in Lugano and a Vermeil Medal at BUBRA ’22 National Philatelic Exhibition in Burgdorf , Switzerland! It is one of the leading philatelic magazines published in French.

For more details and a free pdf copy of  No. 178 (December 2022), please contact Chief Editor, Jean-Louis Emmenegger, at: jl.emmenegger@gmail.com

Best Maximum Card World Competition 2021

Pascal Bandry, Chairman, and Bostjan Petauer, Secretary of the FIP Maximaphily Commission published the results of the “Best Maximum Card World Competition 2021”. Out of nineteen entries received, the winners were:

  • 1st place: Poland, 60 points
  • 2nd place: Romania, 57 points
  • 3rd place: Spain, 42 points

Here is the file with all nineteen entries:

Latest Junge Sammler on winter delights

This is the latest Press Release from Axel Brockmann, the editorial office of the Junge Sammler:

The new JUNGE SAMMLER is coming – winter delights are the main theme

Whether you want to hibernate like the animals or prefer to play chess and ride a bicycle, do handicrafts or cook winter dishes: the main theme of the new JUNGE SAMMLER is always hit. Philatelic contributions also set the mood for the theme of the 2023 Foundation competition: History. Thus, a small contribution on inflation in 1920/23 and a contribution on the Ukraine war show two possible topics for the foundation competition. Other contributions again offer information from many areas of philately.

Association activities are the main focus of this issue: IBRA youth meeting and foundation competition invite to participate. The report on the winners of the German team championship (DMM) 2022 is also a call for participation in 2023. An article on the Youth Detective Days is devoted to the successful start of the trade fair in Ulm. Reports from the state rings and the join-in page with registration dates round off the section of association reports.

Young readers can also have direct fun with the magazine: The removable mini poster with the sweet dog stamp Rex from Bosnia, the comic with Fridolin & Filu and the popular boy collector quiz are naturally again with it.

Junge Sammler magazine is the member magazine of the Deutsche Philatelisten-Jugend e:V. (German Philatelic Youth). Members of local youth groups receive the magazine directly in the mail as part of their membership. Online, the magazine is already available to subscribers for several days.

Read and download the Press Release in pdf format from here: https://www.fepanews.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/2022-12-22_JS-4_E.pdf

Gábor Visnyovszki (1945-2022)

We report with sadness that on 18th December Gábor Visnyovszki passed away.

The deceased was member of the AIEP with expertise in Hungarian philately, member of the AEP and awardee of  the Mérite Philatélique Européen in 2004, FIP juror and Fellow of the RPSL. He was a leader of the MAFITT community for a long time, wrote books, published articles, and as Ms. Mariann Csatlós nicely put it “a really kind, good-humored friend that everyone could count on”. He was born on 10 January 1945.

We send our condolences to his family.

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