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USPS Celebrates James Webb Space Telescope

The U.S. Postal Service will celebrate this remarkable device with the upcoming James Webb Space Telescope Forever stamp. Art director Derry Noyes was the designer for the stamp, using existing art by James Vaughan and an image provided by NASA/Space Telescope Science Institute. Click here to learn more about the new stamp.

Artist for Pony Cars Stamps Will Be at GASS The Pony Cars Forever stamps pop with bright detailed artwork created especially for the stamps by award-winning motor specialist artist Tom Fritz, of California. Sun appears to glisten off shiny fenders and bumpers as the cars speed along open roads. Click here to read Jeff Stage’s Q-and-A with Pony Cars stamp artist Tom Fritz about the process of creating the artwork for the stamps and other projects.

2022 Awards and Honors

Click here to see this years winners for the APS Luff Awards for Distinguished Philatelic Research, Exceptional Contributions to Philately, Outstanding Service to the APS, John Walter Scott Dealer Award, Ernest A. Kher Award, APS Hall of Fame, Nicholas G. Carter Volunteer Recognition Awards and stay tuned for the US Stamp Society/Barbara Mueller Award and 2022 APRL Awards and Thomas F. Allen Awards.

AP Sneak Peek – Ep.16: The American Philatelist (Aug 2022)

The American Philatelist is the oldest continuously published philatelic journal in the world, the first issue having appeared in January 1887. Before the release of the next month’s issue, we release a sneak peek of what you can expect. This August’s issue is about Show Biz! We cover the upcoming Great American Stamp Show, the famous 1992 Elvis stamp vote and the controversy surrounding it, and much more!

Summer Seminar Course Recordings Available

Courses from Summer Seminar 2022 are now available for members.During the years 1921 to 1933 the Post Office issued a new and novel series of definitive stamps (the Fourth Bureau Issue), as well as innovative commemoratives and other stamps and postal stationery. The course is comprised of three sessions, click here to view the course or go to -> Enter C3a -> eCommerce and select the course.

My Stamp Story – Sachinthana Saranasooriya (Stamps with Sara)

Sachinthana Saranasooriya is a beginner stamp collector and APS member who loves finding different stories through postal stamps. Her collection is mainly focused on stamps from her home country of Sri Lanka (called Ceylon in older stamps). APS did a short interview with Sachinthana to learn more about her background and plans for the future in the hobby.

Volunteer Work Week 2022

One of the greatest resources that we have at the APS & APRL is our volunteers, who regularly work on necessary tasks to maintain the services that the APS & APRL provides. Click here to learn about some of the activities that the volunteers were working on for the week. We want to say a special thank you to those who came and look forward to seeing everyone again next year!

A Stamp on the Universe

Writing about stamps with an astronomy theme is a great way to learn and understand not only the history and discoveries of astronomy but also the history of philately. Click here to read a brief history of the two hobbies, and be on the lookout for a new article from Katlin about the James Webb Telescope in next weeks newsletter!

New Stamp Celebrates Tour De France 2022

As Tour De France 2022 culminates in Paris, the historic competition continues to enrich the collections of philately and sports enthusiasts. This year, La Poste issued a new stamp depicting Col du Tourmalet, one of the most famous climbs in the French Pyrenees. The stamp is a special green letter rate and can be purchased from the La Poste website here.

Exploring the Philatelic World of an African Colony

One might reasonably expect that interest in a book titled The Postmarks and Postal History of Cameroun Under French Administration 1916-1959 would be confined to Cameroun philatelists. In this instance, one would be underestimating the significance of this book for a broader audience. Click here to learn more about this book.

Competition Before the Monopoly

For approximately 18 months, from December 1843 until the end of June 1845, a privately owned system of mail routes successfully competed with the United States Post Office Department. Click here to join Carmen Puliafito as she explores these different stamp-issuing entities and how they were viewed during the time period that they operated in.

A Small Glimpse at the Endless World of Postmarks

Join Editor-in-Chief Susanna Mills as she reviews the latest articles from this months issue of the American Philatelist, which is devoted to macrophily, otherwise known as the study of postmarks. A brief overview of definitions surrounding macrophily is also provided in the article. Click here to learn more and reach out with your questions, concerns, and suggestions.

New Circuit Sales Clearance Special

Submit 10 new sales books in NEEDED categories (here) and get 5 sales books FREE! Offer limited to 2 uses per seller in until September. All 10 qualifying sales books must be submitted in the same transaction.

Questions? Call Carol Hoffman at (814) 933-3803 ext. 270 or email To learn more about selling through circuit sales, click here.

American Fumigation

Fearing viruses and infectious diseases – particularly during outbreaks and epidemics – authorities have been disinfecting mail since at least the 15th century. Everything from smoke and cuts to cyanide gas and vinegar – not to mention the practice of letting mail sit for months before moving it – have been used with the intent to keep people safe from the dangers their mail may hold. Click here to learn more.

Taking a Spin Around Wheel of Fortune Cancellations

In 1880, the F.P. Hammond Co. of Aurora, Illinois, produced a rubber device that would make a unique cancellation. From the start, this fancy rubber canceller has been called the Wheel of Fortune (nothing to do with the popular television game show of the same name). The Wheel of Fortune should not be confused with other cancellations with similar designs. Click here to learn more about this special cancel.

Navigating the APRL and Postage Due Recordings Available

The following featured speaker presentations from Summer Seminar are now available to watch on the C3a learning platform. Click here to watch „Navigating the APRL Digital Library”, and Click here to watch”Remarkable Postage Due Uses”, or go to -> Enter C3a -> eCommerce in the left sidebar menu and scroll down until you find the presentation.

Stamp of the Week!

The stamp of this week is Canada Scott 138. It is part of the King George V „Admiral” Imperforate series. Issued September and October of 1924, with values from one to three cents, these are the only imperforate stamps in the series. This stamp,, as well as the two cent stamp, was made using Die One while the two cent stamp was made using Die Two the main differences between the two dies being the space between the N of cents and the bottom line, as well as the number of shading lines on the bottom frame. Perforations may be trimmed off stamps to resemble more valuable coils or imperforates. Visit the Forged or Genuine page to see if you can tell the difference, and visit the StampStore to add the stamp to your collection.

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