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Holiday Elves Are Here To Help With Hectic Holidays

With the issuance of the new Holiday Elves Forever stamps today, the U.S. Postal Service is celebrating the tremendous effort of all holiday elves. These stamps commemorate their incomparable skills in product production, time management, problem-solving, collaboration and overall positivity — as well as their unparalleled logistics acumen. Click here to learn about these new stamps.

C3a Event- Belgian Railway Stamps with Dr. Gregg Redner

Belgium has a long history of issuing railway stamps as payment for the posting of parcel posts by rail. Explore the development of the Belgium railroad system and the subsequent emergence of the Belgium parcel post. Discover the details of these stamps, beginning with the pre-philatelic parcel post system and continuing with the 1879 and subsequent issues. Experience the evolution of waybills and how they can be used to trace a package’s journey. Learn why the wide variety in cancellation formats makes collecting this series of stamps an endless and exciting challenge. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your philatelic knowledge as you find out about the exciting world of Belgian Railway Stamps and the numerous ways that they can be collected.

Course Instructor: Gregg is a lifelong stamp collector, who began collecting worldwide stamps at the age of eight. He became interested in the stamps of Canada in his teens, focusing on Newfoundland. For the past twenty years Gregg has concentrated on the stamp issues of Belgium with a focus on the 1919-1921 issues, including the 1920 Olympics.

Click here to register for the event or go to and click Enter C3a >ECommerce in the top menu, and select the event.

Postal Service Dedicating Kwanzaa Forever Stamp

The U.S. Postal Service continues its tradition of celebrating Kwanzaa, an annual Pan-African holiday that brings family, community, and culture together for many African Americans. The first-day-of-issue event for the Kwanzaa Forever stamp is free and open to the public. News of the stamp is being shared with the hashtag #KwanzaaStamps. Click here to learn more about these new stamps.

Special Price Reduction and Author Special in Publication Shop

„The Art of Stamps” has a new Author Special, now through October 15th APS Members can save 20% – instead of $22.45 – pay only $17.96 for this book that features a panoramic view of stamp collecting as an art form, hobby and investment commodity, as well as interspersing poignant stories from his extensive travels and pieces from Georges collection. Three other books have a price reduction and are only $5 each, click here to take advantage of these amazing deals!

MCHS Online Presentation will Feature Headsville Post Office

Join us on October 5, as the Mineral County Historical Society hosts its first ever online local history presentation, featuring the Headsville Post Office. Ron Breznay of Wilkes-Barre, PA, will discuss this interesting piece of Mineral County history, now part of the collection at a nationally-recognized philatelic center. Click here to learn more.

The United States Fourth Bureau Issue 1922‑1938

The book presents the fascinating story of the regular postage stamp issue called the Fourth Bureau Issue. Introduced under the new postal administration of President Warren G. Harding and continuing through the administrations of Coolidge and Hoover and into the Roosevelt Administration, the Issue saw the introduction and development of several production innovations at the government printing plant, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP), resulting in refining and increasing production. Click here to learn more and add this book to your philatelic library!

Postage and Revenue Stamps Interwine Across British Africa

Join Matthew Healey as he explores a fascinating hybrid area of collecting: postage stamps repurposed as revenues and revenue stamps that appear rightfully to belong with a postage or postage-and-revenue set. To mangle an old saying, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, who cares whether it carried the mail? Click here to learn more.

Philatelic Happenings: Topical Collecting Loses a Champion

The latest philatelic news includes the Minnesota Stamp Expo, as well as an update from the Sequoia Stamp Club, which is hosting a celebration of its 75th birthday on September 17 at the Community Activities Building in Redwood City, California, the same location where their PENPEX Stamp Show and club meetings are held. Click here to learn more.

New South Wales Cover

Postal history is officially the description of the postal rates and routes of mail. This is often a challenging and always rewarding study, but there is nothing more exciting to the collector of postal history than finding wonderful contents. That is the case with this extraordinary cover sent in 1850 from New South Wales to the United States. Click here to find out more about the cover and read the letter inside.

Stanley Gibbons Great Britain Concise Stamp Catalog

In this review, Gary Loew examines the Stanley Gibbons Great Britain Concise Stamp Catalogue to assist you in your selection. Also in this issue, he reviews the 2022 edition of the SG publication Collect British Stamps, which has a rather different purpose. Click here to learn more about this catalog and publication and see which one better fits your collecting interests.

Civilian Internee Mail in WW1 British India

World War I British India included what is today Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Pakistan and Aden Settlements, now part of Yemen. It was home to more than 300 million people including around 3,000 men, women and children from WWI enemy nations, specifically Germany and Austria-Hungary. Click here to learn more about mail sent by these people from internment camps.

Circuit Sales Clearance Special

Request a Clearance Circuit from the list below and there will be no postage or 5 % buyers fee charged on any purchase.*

British West Indies, Great Britain, British Europe, Australia, Ireland, British Empire, Japan-modern, Mexico, South America, Latin America, Global General, Austria, Germany, Scandinavia, Europe

Questions? Call Carol Hoffman at (814) 933-3803 ext. 270 or email

To learn more about selling through circuit sales, click here.

Why Collect Bermuda?

„Come to Bermuda, the Isles of Rest.” This is the wording of a Bermuda machine slogan cancellation that was used off and on from 1926 through the mid-1990s. It reflects the peaceful feeling associated with this parliamentary self-governing overseas territory of the United Kingdom, first settled in 1609 by British colonists. Click here to see why you should explore collecting stamps from this island.

Membership Special

Membership in the APS comes with benefits designed to help you better enjoy the hobby. These include a subscription to our monthly magazine, The American Philatelist, buying and selling opportunities, access to the American Philatelic Research Library, discounts on services and more. Join the APS today for 15 months for the price of 12. No coupon is necessary to take advantage of this special!

APRL New Resources August 2020

The latest list of resources from the APRL is here. Join Director of Information Services Scott Tiffney as he lists the newest additions to the library including auction catalogs and other auction house resources, books, exhibits, journals, name sales and price lists. Click here to learn more and send an email to if you have any questions.

My APS Story – Andrew Turngren

Andrew Turngren has been an APS member since 2020, focusing mostly on collecting Austrian stamps. You can follow Andrew’s philatelic journey on his twitter account (@turngren_phila) as well as on his website APS reached out to Andrew to learn more about his collecting journey and his experience being an APS member. Read the interview here.

USPS Celebrates Hanukkah With a New Stamp

The U.S. Postal Service continues its tradition of celebrating Hanukkah, the joyous Jewish holiday also known as the Festival of Lights, with the issuance of a new Hanukkah Forever stamp. The first-day-of-issue dedication ceremony is free and open to the public. News of the stamp is being shared with the hashtag #HanukkahStamp.Click here to learn more about these new stamps.

Stamp of the Week!

The stamp of this week is New South Wales Scott 31. Issued in 1854, this was one of the first stamps of the country. The design features the profile of queen Victoria, surrounded by an octagon with the name of the country, postage, and the value of the stamp. Three variants of this stamp exist (19a,19b,and 31b). The main difference between the variants is color. 19a is brownish red, 19b is pale red, and 31b is rose, or „Rosy Vermilion” according to Stanley Gibbons. All three stampshave a watermark featuring the figure 12. The genuine stamp is engraved and has a double line watermark, while the forgery is lithographed with a solid background. Visit the Forged or Genuine page to see if you can tell the difference, and visit the StampStore to add the stamp to your collection.

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