FEPA Newsletter – 22 August 2022

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Photo: A. Khoory (left), P. Suhadolc, A. Samame y Samame, P. Chirakiti, R. Macedo, R. Tan, Y, Nathaniel
[photo credit: @UAEPhilately Twitter account]

Prakob Chirakiti is the newly elected FIP President

A new FIP Board was elected today at the 76th FIP Congress in Jakarta. Because of the postponement of the elections in 2020, the Vice-Presidents and Directors for America and Europe were elected for a half-term or two years (2022-24), to ensure that the ordinary intervals and terms of office can be observed again from the 77th Congress onwards. The President, the Vice-President and Director for Asia were elected for four years (2022-26).

President: PRAKOB CHIRAKITI, Thailand (2022-26)

Vice-President America: REINALDO MACEDO, Brazil (2022-24)

Vice-President for Europe: YIGAL NATHANIEL, Israel (2022-24)

Vice-President for Asia: RICHARD TAN, Singapore (2022-26)

Director  for America: ALDO SAMAME Y SAMAME, Peru (2022-24)

Director for Europe: PETER SUHADOLC, Slovenia (2022-24)

Director for Asia: ABDULLA KHOORY, UAE (2022-26)

Museum of Philately Rowland Hill Medal
will be decided by public vote

The Museum of Philately sent a note a few days ago:

There is just a month left to be in with the chance to enter the Rowland Hill Medal. All collections received and reviewed by the curators before the end of August will be in with a chance of being displayed and then entered into the competition.

The exciting element to the award is that the public will decide who the winner is. Collections will be hosted online and anyone around the world will be able to vote who wins. Voting opens in September and will continue right up to the awards ceremony set to be held at philately’s most prestigious show, Monacophil 2022. Voting will be launched on the Museum of Philately and announced on social media and on the Museum’s newsletter.

This is the first year that the Medal has been awarded and presented to celebrate the amazing collectors and collections displayed on this platform.

The Museum of Philately captures award winning and unique collections that have been privately assembled by collectors, many of whom have won international recognition for their exhibits. These types of assemblages are rarely available to view and by sharing them digitally everyone within the hobby and outside it can enjoy them. This encourages and helps to inform the current crop of philatelists and hopefully will inspire the next generation of collectors.

The award has been named after the pioneer of the postal system Rowland Hill. Sir Rowland Hill was born in Kidderminster in England in 1975 he was the originator of the penny postage system. He was known for his development of the modern postal system.

If you have a collection that is suitable for the Museum, or want to be considered for the Rowland Hill Medal 2022, now is the time to get in touch with us.

now on line

Gmunden, Austria, will host “phila”-Toscana 22 with ALPEN-ADRIA PHILATELIE 2022 and BIRDPEX 9 exhibitions during the weekend of 26-28 August.

The organisers have uploaded the 57-page Exhibition Catalogue, which is available here: https://www.fepanews.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/Katalog.pdf

Two stamps by the Czech Post for LIBEREC 2022

The LIBEREC 2022 Organising Committee announced that the Czech Post will issue a pair of postage stamps for the European Stamp Exhibition and Polar Salon LIBEREC 2022, which is coming up in October.

The designer is Pavel Sivko (b. 1948), painter, graphic artist and teacher, son of Václav Sivko (1923-1974), also a renowned painter and graphics designer.

Timbres-Passion 2022 in Moulins, France, next October

After the successful Paris-Philex 2022 in June, the French Philatelic Federation invites us to meet again in 28-30 October in Timbres-Passion 2022, which is going to take place in Moulins, central France.

Timbre-Passion 2022 is a philatelic event where great emphasis is placed on Youth activities, games and competition, which at the same time will celebrate the 100th anniversary of FFAP. The detailed programme is continuously updated and is available here: 

[photo credit: https://serbia.postsen.com]

Serbia announces BALKANFILA XIX in Belgrade in October 2023

The Serbian Philatelic Federation has announced the BALKANFILA XIX Philatelic Exhibition, which will be held under FEPA Recognition from 12 to 14 October 2023.

BALKANFILA XIX is sponsored by the Serbian Post. Participating countries are Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, North Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey and invited countries are Cyprus and Hungary.

The size of the exhibition will be around 300 double-sided frames (600 16-sheet faces). A major innovation is that the organisers have ensured the availability of all exhibits online, in parallel with the physical exhibition.

Click here to download the Balkanfila IREX.

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