FEPA Newsletter – 14 November 2022

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Photo: Peter Suhadolc, Jan Huys-Berlingin, Prakob Chirakiti, Yigal Nathaniel

Photo: Alfred Schmidt

Photo: Lars Jorgensen

[photos credit: Sam Chiu FRPSL, provided by the RPSL Twitter account]

CAPE TOWN 2022 WSC and GP winners announced

We picked up the CAPE TOWN 2022 winners from the RPSL Twitter account:

World Stamp Championship (WSC): Jan Huys-Berlingin (Liechtenstein), “Belgium’s first issue, the Epaulettes”.

WSC First runner-up: Keith Klugman (USA), “Victorian Natal 1857-1899“.

WSC Second runner-up: Jaiswal Sandeep (USA), “British India Queen Victoria Postal Stationery”.

Grand Prix International: Alfred Schmidt (Germany), “Prussia – The first three issues 1850-1859”.

Grand Prix National: Lars Jorgensen (Belgium), “South African Republic Transvaal 1869-1885”.

[photo credit: Hotel Hermitage Facebook account]

FEPA at MONACOPHIL 2022: “Bringing Philately into the light”

FEPA Panel Discussion at MONACOPHIL 2022: “Philately – Forever in the shadows?

An alternative theme could be “Bringing Philately into the light“, as this is very much about developing ideas how to improve the perception of philately as well as the appeal of organised philately and also to win a wider and younger range of participants for philatelic events.

We all would like to have much more light when non-philatelic media starts talking about stamp collecting and philatelic activities. All this and much more will be on the agenda when the panel discussion, hosted by Charles Epting, CEO of H.R.Harmers New York, will start at 11.30 am on the 25th November right after the AIJP Congress.

Five panelists will share their views and “visions”, and at the end the audience will be asked to take part in the discussion as well.

The 2022 Annuaire of the European Academy of Philately

The 2022 Membership Directory (Annuaire) of the European Academy of Philately (Académie Européenne de Philatélie, AEP) was mailed to the members a few days ago. The Directory was last produced in 2018. President Jean Voruz remarks that the 2022 edition continues the improvements initiated by his predecessor Bruno Crecato-Selvaggi. He goes on saying that the criteria are intended to be as coherent as possible with the international vocation, as well as the vision, mission and values of the AEP.

The 228-page Directory is written in French and English. Among other useful information about the AEP, it contains brief but comprehensive philatelic biographies of the AEP members, featuring their Society membership and principal philatelic positions held, Collections and philatelic interests, International awards, Publications and Spoken languages.

A few copies of the Directory are still available for the institutional actors of philately. Also available by the AEP to all philatelists is David R. Beech’s book, Philatelic Research, a comprehensive guide on how to look after our collections, at the price of 5 euros plus postage.

NAPOSTA 2023 Bulletin 1 becomes available

Trier is located at the west German border triangle close to Luxembourg and  France, and will host the national exhibition NAPOSTA 2023 next July. The organisers, the Deutsch-Französische Briefmarkenclub e.V. Trier, who will celebrate their 50th anniversary in 2023, invite exhibitors from Germany and abroad to participate. Application forms are available in German, French and Dutch. According to demand, the exhibition will accommodate as many as 2000 frames.

Bulletin 1 is available here: 

500 years of Postal History at the Postal Museum, London

The Postal Museum, London, posted the following message with the attached illustration on its Twitter account:

Did you know we hold over 60,000 objects and thousands of records detailing 500 years of postal history? Discover for yourself in person at our archive or access online from the comfort of your own home.

Learn more here: https://www.postalmuseum.org/collections

CAPE TOWN 2022 Exhibition Catalogue is now available

CAPE TOWN 2022 146-page Catalogue is now available. It contains all the useful details from both the World Stamp Championship and the National Exhibition.

Both events took place between 8 and 12 November.

The Catalogue may be downloaded from here: https://www.fepanews.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/cape_town_2022_cat.pdf

Photo: Norman (standing) and Maurice Williams at their library around 1960.

[photo credit: Marcus Williams. Taken from the article]

Abhishek Bhuwalka talks about L.N. & M. Williams

An article entitled “Authors’ Binding of ‘Fundamentals of Philately’” by Abhishek Bhuwalka on his blog (The Philatelist) brings to centre stage two philatelic legends: brothers Leon Norman Williams and Maurice Williams. What follows here is an updated version of what the author had already published in Philatelic Literature Review vol. 69 (2020), No. 4, based on the interview with Marcus, son of L.N. Williams, he had the rare opportunity to take.

You may read the full article here: https://thephilatelist.substack.com/p/authors-binding-of-fundamentals-of

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